SuperSales is a pioneer marketing company in generating outstanding business leads. We help organizations create more sales opportunities with our high quality sales leads. Our intuitive and tailored marketing campaigns focus on boosting our client’s conversion rates and increase sales revenue.

About Us
Innovative Strategies

The Future of Digital Marketing and Telesales isn’t sleeping so as well. Our teams are doing their utmost to keep creative approach and surprise our clients with new approach and innovation.

Immediate Impact

Right timing and speed can save lives – this what we think when it comes to our clients. Our strategies, methodology and talented team get results when you need it. Already proven track allows to deliver quality results in a short time.

Data Obsessed

Information in our business is everything. Therefore our tested software algorithms and strategies do miracles in gathering information to crunching data necessary for  reaching right target.

We aren’t just another Telemarketing Company  –
write us and we will prove it to you


Telemarketing services

We take care a wide range of outbound telemarketing services from sales, lead generation to email campaign, and customer surveys.

Digital marketing campaigns

In current fast changing digital media environment our client wish to know who sees their information, where from and what is seem.

Content management

We deliver effective CMS allowing greater flexibility and consistency in information delivery, and time and money savings.